global biotech revolution

GBR connects biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers of today to young biotech leaders of tomorrow. This engagement is conducted through physical and virtual platforms that initiate and grow global conversations and collaborations for the future.

The biotech industry needs young, ambitious, experienced, well-connected and industry savvy leaders. Many pharmaceutical and consultancy companies expend vast quantity of human and monetary resources to attract the best talent into their organisations. Talent recruitment, management and retainment are critical challenges for many companies.

Gap Summit

One of our missions is to connect biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers.

100 young bio-leaders from across the world are selected to represent their regional bio-economies to discuss the growth of the global bio-economies.

Bridge the Gap

Core Values

There is a gap in connecting the aspirations of young leaders to talent education, management and recruitment needs of the industry. GBR not only meets this gap, but builds upon it a culture of talented, connected, collaborative, forward thinking bio-leaders of tomorrow.


Challenge current knowledge, challenge industrial dogmas, challenge current leaders and challenge each other


Grow their knowledge, training, skills and perspectives. Inspire these leaders to grow their local bio-economies and look beyond to see the impact they can make globally.


Connect with leaders of today, connect with each other, connect and inspire student masses and media in their countries.